Audible Think - transitions to Concerts

Thank you for visiting the web site of the Audible Think: Improvised Music Series and Concerts, founded by jazz pianist and composer Andy McWain. After six amazing years of performances (each year from Sep-May, with the occasional hiatus!), Audible Think has transitioned from a twice-monthly to a periodic Concert Presenter. All of the great musicians (local, regional, national, and international) that participated in the series of the years deserve the credit for the success of the series with their amazing performances which we will not soon forget! (Feel free to peruse the archived posts in the right margin of this page.)

The demands of life (!) have made it so that the regular series is impossible to maintain, but the cool spirit of those shows, gigs, events, happenings, "shoulda-been-theres", and more, will continue as occasional special concerts, which are in the planning stage now. Please bookmark this site, and check back here for updates!

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