Audible Think: SEPTEMBER 6 & 20, 2006

The Audible Think Improvised Music Series returns in September 2006 after a brief hiatus. Performances are held (twice monthly) downstairs at Gallery X, 169 William Street, New Bedford, MA, USA

Wed, SEPTEMBER 6, 2006:
JOE GIARDULLO (soprano sax); ANDY McWAIN (piano); and CHRIS POUDRIER (drums)
7:30pm, 2 sets. $5 suggested donation

An evening of trio improvisations with the respected NY saxophonist Joe Giardullo, a rare NE performance.

Wed, SEPTEMBER 20, 2006:
Jim Robitaille: guitar; Rick Britto: saxophone; Chris Poudrier, drums
7:30pm, 2 sets. $5 suggested donation

TRINE: These guys have been gigging lately more as a unit, and probably have nearly three CD's in the can (including a live set from last year (?) at Audible Think that features guest Swede bassist Bruno Raberg). This is a group that features cool writing, great interplay, and wily improvising. When they play with a bass player, they still maintain their approach of a sax/gtr/drums trio and all its possibilities and just let another player into the mix....
We had originally hoped to restart Audible Think in August, but September makes more sense. (To view the old frozen website of Audible Think go here!)

[***Look for these musicians coming soon (or coming back) to Audible Think: pianist Nina Ott, bassist Chris Lopes, saxophonist Marcus Monteiro, drummer Brooke Sofferman, saxophonist Erik van Dam, drummer Luther Gray, saxophonist Hilary Noble, bassist Sean Farias, cellist Daniel Levin, guitarist Kevin Frenette, drummer Laurence Cook, drummer Tatsuya Nakatani, bassist Reuben Radding, guitarist John Dirac, and many more....]