Wed, May 19, 2010: Fred Fried and CORE

Wednesday, May 19, 2010, 7:30pm
The Audible Think: Improvised Music Series at Gallery X, New Bedford, MA

Fred Fried, 8-string guitar
Michael Lavoie, acoustic bass
Miki Matsuki, drums

2 SETS, 7:30pm; $5 suggested
BYOB, and bring 2 friends

This live performance by Fried Fried and CORE celebrating the CD release of Fred Fried and Core: CORE 3.0. From Fred Fried: "This is my latest CD and I’m tremendously happy about it. Those of you who have heard my group at Bubala’s in Provincetown will be familiar with bassist Michael Lavoie and drummer Miki Matsuki. They are absolutely wonderful musicians and it was a ball working with them on this recording of all original tunes. This also marks my first trio CD with my nylon 8-string guitar. Built by Luthier Steve Connor it has a low A below the low E and a high A above the high E and sounds amazing.
Fred Fried - 8-String Acoustic Guitar
Michael Lavoie - Bass

Miki Matsuki- Drums"


ABOUT FRED FRIED: Amidst a sea of talented guitarists playing today, Fred believes that what sets him apart, especially from other 7-string (8-string) guitarists, is that “although there are players who work out arrangements that have a pianistic aspect, I have trained myself to actually improvise in this manner. That is, I can sit down and improvise inner lines or bass lines or comp under a melody or improvised line. I have developed the ability to harmonize a melody any number of ways. This doesn’t mean that I won’t just let fly on a single line solo. I certainly enjoy that, but I think the harmonic and pianistic aspects of my playing give the guitar greater dimension. I don’t, however, consider this a tremendous feat in any way. It’s just the way I have trained myself to play and I consider myself very fortunate in that over time a very distinctive sound and style has evolved.