The Audible Think Improvised Music Series
at Gallery X, 169 William Street, New Bedford, MA


The Kevin Frenette - Forbes Graham PROJECT
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The Kevin Frenette (gtr)-Forbes Graham (trpt) PROJECT
with Adam Dotson (euphonium) and Ryan McGuire (bass)

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2007, 7:30pm, 2 sets, $5 suggested

***Guitarist Kevin Frenette began playing music at the age of eleven and began working professionally in the 1990s. He studied guitar, composition, and music theory at UMASS-Dartmouth where he received a BA in Theory/Composition and has performed throughout the Northeast USA making music that is inspired by both contemporary improvisation and avant-garde jazz. Frenette is also a freelance recording engineer.He has performed and/or recorded with such artists as Tatsuya Nakatani, Jack Wright, Joe Giardullo, Andy McWain, Forbes Graham, Gordon Allen, Sarah Weaver, Harvey Sorgen, Brian Melick, Michael Snow, Gwen Laster, Larry Packer, Martha Colby, Lori Freedman, David Gamper, Al Margolis, Luther Gray, Ryan McGuire, Jeff Kimmel, Adam Dotson, Jonathan LaMaster, Andrew Hickman, Eric Platz, Todd Keating and Gabe Cabral. In 2007, Fuller Street Music released Kevin’s first date as a leader: Connections. That album featured Frenette with Tatsuya Nakatani on percussion, Andy McWain on piano and Todd Keating on bass.

***Forbes Graham's newest composition, "Kleinman", was written specifically for the new music ensemble Normal Love. Maddeningly complex and rife with numerological symbolism, it represents the pinnacle of his uncompromising principles. At present, he is working on a new composition for trumpet, two drum machines and live electronics which will be premiered at this year's Festival of New Trumpet in New York City. The piece is currently entitled "Variations on the Fibonacci Sequence".
Forbes is currently playing music with The Interdimensional Science Research Orchestra and the Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble. He also works with a number of other musicians in the Boston area, and has his own quartet featuring Ryan McGuire, Raqib Hassan, and Luther Gray. Forbes has toured America numerous times playing in various groups. He has also lent his trumpet to many studio recordings for the likes of such artists as Daughters, One Am Radio, The Red Chord, Love Life, Irepress, and more. His label Ricecontrol helped introduce the music of Jeromes Dream, The Day of Man as Man, Dysrhythmia, and XThoughtstreamsX to unsuspecting audiences. Ricecontrol has returned and will be releasing Forbes' newest album "I Won't Stop" this summer. Self recorded and produced and mastered by James Plotkin (O.L.D., Khanate, Phantomsmasher), "I Won't Stop" is a provocative electro-acoustic document. Never one to stick to one style "I Won't Stop" traverses the genres of free improvisation, drum n' bass, abstract glitch electronics, noise, and more. Besides music Forbes enjoys vegan cuisine, comedy, studying Taoism, and hanging out with his beautiful girlfriend Lillian.

***Bassist and composer Ryan McGuire has performed with Jim Hobbs, Raqib Hassan, Forbes Graham and others, and has toured the U.S. and Canada on several occasions. Originally from Cape Cod, McGuire studied composition and performance at UMass-Lowell and Berklee, and has recordings on Tzadik, Hydrahead, Robotic Empire, and Holy Roar Records. He currently performs with Dilettante, Raqib Hassan's Interdimensional Science Research Orchestra, and the Forbes Graham Quartet.

***Adam Dotson is a improvising euphoniumist in the Boston area. He has performed with Joe Morris, Dave Douglas, Gerald Cleaver, Allan Chase, Bob Nieske, Luther Gray, and Steve Lantner. He can be seen playing in the Boston area with the Greek brass band Poladactolos Orchestra as well as the Haitian band Nakawoot. He is a graduate of the New England Conservatory and Interlochen Arts Academy.