Scheduling.... 07/08

So this is technically a BLOG site, so I'll actually write a post about scheduling. I'm/we're in the process of still piecing together the Fall 2007 schedule of Audible Think (eight performances in the fall and eight more in the spring). The response to playing on the series has been really great-- the space (thanks to Gallery X), the vibe (thanks to the audience), and the scene (thanks to the community of musicians) --- has made this a place where people WANT TO PLAY. I'm glad that something that started in the spring of '04 is still running, and that the circles have spun out to include some great musicians from all across New England, including NY, Penn, and Chicago... (Anyone who runs a series can tell you that the other side of the coin is that sometimes it feels like real work, that it can make a LONG day, even longer, and that the thought of stopping (and letting someone else bust their @#$%^& seems appealing. Some great nights of music, appreciative audiences (many are students from UMass-Dartmouth), and about 1000 oatmeal-raisin cookies put those thoughts out of my mind. (true). Stay tuned for the schedule, and please come out to as many Audible Think nights as you can... THANK YOU!